Review: Caley Golf Wedges

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I recently wrote an article on smaller golf brands producing golf equipment, I focused on Caley Golf previously known as Old Tom Golf. If you missed it, check the article out here (

I’ve been testing and reviewing their wedges. One of the unique things about Caley Golf is they supply their wedges as set rather than individual clubs and they only sell direct to golfers. So there is no retail mark-up involved.

Have a look at the specs:

The set cost £199 that’s £66.33 a wedge, that’s a really good price for new wedges special when you compare them to the leading brands the latest SM8 Vokey wedges are at £139 a wedge from American Golf as I write this review.  

You can also get these on credit and spread the cost over 3 payments via Klarna with no interest or fees via the Caley website.

The wedge set comes in the following lofts 52, 56, 60. It’s a popular set up (it’s my set up) but It might not work for all. Caley golf do not have any plans on selling these individually or in different loft combinations, but they haven’t ruled out something in the near future.

I know what you might be thinking “are they any good? Surely they don’t compare to the Vokey wedges”

In a nut shell yes they are good, and Caley don’t attempt to go head to head against the likes of Titliest.

Let’s take a closer look at them and how I’ve got on with them.

The Looks

For me they look the part, it’s a minimalist and clean look with simple branding . Remember I’m testing the old tom wedge, but the Caley wedge is exactly the same but now comes in black as well.

The grip that comes as standard on the wedge is really good as well, I was surprised and impressed with how tacky the grip was. Which is perfect for keeping a soft grip, and helps prevent the club spinning in your hands. It may be on the thinner side for some golfers, but nothing a re-grip and some grip tape can’t fix.

I found that the club head inspires a bit of confidence at address, its white lines all the way and a generous size club face was welcoming. I currently game a set of 2nd hand Cleveland RTX 2.0 forged wedges and the Caley’s club face was larger:

So they look that part, but how do they preform that’s what you all want to know right?


Overall I was really impressed with how these wedges perform.  At address they build confidence in the size and shape of the head. The weight of the club feels right as well, what I mean by this is that the club head doesn’t feel light.

If you pick up a Vokey or a Cleveland wedge and hold it out at 90 degrees from the floor in front of you, what do you notice? For me I notice how the weight of the wedge is all in the club head.  The Caley wedge does the same, it doesn’t feel light. Again helping build confidence before taking your shot, knowing that the wedge is built to a good standard and there is some weight in the club head assisting you.

The bounce on the 60 degree wedge might be off putting for some, as the bounce is 4. Lower bounce can be considered more suitable for those that sweep of the grass compared to those that take a divot. It’s a bounce that really lends itself to tight lies, no surprise really considering Caley golf are Scottish!

My current RTX wedge has a bounce of 8 so there is a big difference to what I’m use to.

If you noticed the bounce on the 56 is higher, which helps with bunker shots and the 52 is a bounce of 8 making it pretty versatile on full shots as well as controlled shots.

For a moment, I want to focus on the 60 degree, as at 1st I was unsure about the low bounce compared to my current wedge. For me I don’t actually hit my 60 degree wedge as a full shot, it’s all for controlled shots green side.

It performed as well, if not better than my Cleveland. In fact I had my 1st ever sand save for par using the 60 degree from this greenside bunker that was well below the green.

The lower bounce gave me instant feedback on my swing at times, as if I was catching turf before ball the lack of bounce doesn’t offer too much forgiveness. For some this might not be suitable, as amateurs we don’t always have the perfect strike so it can lead to a thin or a chunk. It happened to me a few times!

However one thing is does help with, is improving your technique and focus to pick the ball off the grass or connecting with the ball 1st. Something we all need to be doing more often.

60 degree Caley Wedge in action

Every wedge shot I’ve hit over the last few weeks, I’ve used the Caley wedges and my RTX wedges playing two shots to compare.  The results are pretty impressive!

I’ve not gone on a track man to measure spin, as the ability to produce some spin is down to technique.

From the on course performance, all the wedges have stopping power and perform how I wanted them to depending on my execution.


The Caley wedges, look good and they perform well.. Actually pretty well! I’m gaming a 2nd hand set of wedges which I’ve had for a few years so I’m due for a change soon.  For you that don’t know it’s advised by some that you change wedges or get them re-grooved every few years.

 So I will actually be putting the Caley wedges in my bag. For me they tick all the boxes.

Who should consider these wedges? Any golfer really, I would completely recommend these wedges to a mid to high handicapper that either have an old set of wedges or maybe only have one wedge in their set up as they are new to golf.

The combination of the price, them coming in a set, the looks and performance it’s a winning combo that you can’t go far wrong with. Not only will you save yourself some money compared to the leading brands, but you’ll also have something in your bag that not many golfers will have or have even seen before. You don’t always want to follow the crowd do you?!

For more information on the full range by Caley Golf go to

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing

2 thoughts on “Review: Caley Golf Wedges

  1. They certainly look the part mate, definitely well priced for all 3 wedges. Look forward to seeing more action shots from you with them


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