Shot Scope V3 Review

I’ve been a user of the Shot Scope v2 for a couple of years and it made a huge difference to my golf, there wasn’t much I could fault about it. That’s until the V3 came along! Check Shot Scope out at

Not 100% sure what Shot Scope is? It’s a golfers dream! It’s a GPS and Shot Tracking System.

When I 1st started using shot scope it helped me reduce my handicap by 3.4 shots. How you ask?

1: GPS watch – I had distances to front, middle and back of the green. As well as front and carry distances of hazards. I wasn’t hitting shots blind I knew how far I needed to hit each shot. Don’t underestimate this even as an amateur golfer.

2: Data, lots and lots of data. Don’t be scared by this Shot Scope presents it back in a really clear and simple way. It’s how you use the data that makes the difference. Knowing my distances of each club, and seeing the areas I was struggling in was an eye opener.  This allowed me to focus my practice to improve, but ultimately allowed me to make better decisions on course which saw me come down from a 23.4 handicapper down to 20.

Like I’ve just said the v3 captures invaluable data from your rounds but we will move onto this later. Let’s take a closer look at the watch:

Set Up

The set up guide is simple and clear, there is actually not a lot that you can do wrong. For those that do struggle the support team at shot scope are great and pretty responsive.

I’m not going to run through in detail, but as a quick summary all you need to do is.

Download the app, and register an account, sync your watch to your phone then screw the pins into the top of the grips on your clubs.

The pins are pre-determined for example the pin marked “D” goes in your driver, “PW” pitching wedge… Get the idea?

Once the watch and phone are synced download the courses you will be playing and you’re all set.

Like I said, it is pretty simple and straightforward. Exactly what we all want!

If you are a V2 user, all you need to do is just sync the new watch with your app. No need to transfer data or even swap your pins over. How slick is that!!

New Design

Compared to the V2 the brand new V3 looks completely different, and for the better. Some people have mentioned to me in person and on social media that the size of the v2 was too big for their liking. Well as you can see the V3 is pretty neat and compact, very similar to a lot of the sports watches like fitbit and garmin.

It’s got a full colour display that is visible in direct sun light (you’ll see some photos later on), and the display of yardages is tweaked to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s not forget the strap, if I had to pick a fault with the V2 it was that the strap could cut into my wrist from time to time. However the v3 has a different strap, its thinner more flexible and doesn’t have to support much as the watch itself is light and compact.

Overall the changes to the design of the shot scope is fantastic, it even comes with a day mode so you can wear it as a normal watch. As someone who likes the idea of wearing a watch but will always forget to put it on in the morning, so I don’t actually own a watch. The shot scope v3 doubles up here for me which is an additional bonus!

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Battery Life

The V3 battery life is improved as well, I’ve managed to get 3 rounds in off a single charge. Great if you are getting a few rounds in on the weekend, there is no need to forget  about charging in between rounds.

If you use it in day mode, I’m up to day 7 and I have 40% battery left. That’s not including playing a round of golf.


The V3 is simple to use, if you’re a v2 user the functionality is very similar. If you are brand new to Shot Scope it doesn’t take much to get the hang of it.

You get 3 modes to pick from for each round. GPS & TRACK, GPS ONLY, TRACK ONLY. In GPS & TRACK and GPS ONLY, you are always shown front middle and back distances to the green.

With a push of the side buttons you can check what hazards are on the hole you are playing, plus the distances to the front and back of the hazard.

Another toggle of the button and you can add a provisional tee shot, the v3 now comes with  a 3 minute timer for when you start looking for you ball. How handy is that! If you lose a ball, or need to take a drop within two clicks of the watch its done and will be recorded for your round at the end.

At the end of each round, you will need to review each hole. It doesn’t take long, there will be the odd occasion where you need to add in one or two shots that the Shot Scope hasn’t picked up. Some of you might think what is the point? Well the main point, is one so you track the right score as shot scope will give you a season average to your handicap wrong scores affect this. Not doing this will compromise the data it captures.. False data could impact your progression whilst using Shot Scope.

Overall the V3, looks great it’s compact design does not interfere with your golf and you get a watch for everyday use. It’s simple to use and setup, with accurate GPS giving you all the yardages you need. Now let’s turn our attention to one of the most powerful golf tools that amateur golfers should and can be using.

The Power Of Data and Stats by Shot Scope

Where do I start? This is where Shot Scope really comes into its own, it packs an almighty punch. There is no doubting it, the data that is made available both in the app and on the desktop version can be overwhelming, the app is much more simplistic and more to the point.

The desktop app shows much more, even how far off the centre of the fairway you are… So if you think hitting the fairway is an achievement, wait until you review your data and see that you were within 1 yard of the centre of the fairway! That’s how good the data and gps system is on the V3!

The data is stored by season, so you can compare year on year all of the stats that are available. For a mid to high handicapper this is great as you can see some progress which sometimes is harder to see on the course.

After each round you get a summary where you get a summary of how that round compared to your season averages as well.

Below I’m going to run through the stats available and what they mean, as well as a few tips on how to use the data to improve.


So most of you will naturally drift towards distances, I don’t blame you with all the hype around distance on tour and social media.

The way Shot Scope presents your distances are pretty clever you get the follow 3 distance stats:

Average – this is for every shot with a club. Including bad shots, little chip shots, etc

Longest – for the ego-centric golfer it will show you your longest shot with each club

Playing Average – this stat takes the good and bad shots into account and shows  how far your hit each club when you’re playing reasonably well. This is the main one I use.

Shot Scope only shows total distance, not carry.

Tee Shots

Think you know your miss of the tee? Or think your driver is the best choice off the tee? Shot Scope presents data back on your tee shots. It will tell you:

Fairway Success

Miss parentage left and right – great to have confirmation of where you miss is with each club

Tee shot distances

You can actually select individual clubs you hit tee shots with and it will give you specific information on each club you take off the tee as well as an accumulative average for all your tee shots.

My Stats on distances look low as this year i’ve mainly used irons off the tee


Not sure if you’re hitting enough greens?  The approach stats by Shot Scope again will give you your collective stats for all shots or you can dive into individual clubs. It will give you average proximity to the green with each club and tell you a success rate for hitting the green as well as a breakdown of if you leaving yourself short, landing in a bunker or missing the green and ended up in the rough.


If you have not figured it out for yourself yet, this is how Shot Scope can help you take shots off your handicap! By having accurate data you can review distances so you select the right club for the distance you have. You can use the data to select the most efficient club off the tee, giving you a better chance of keeping the ball in play. Some times our egos and perceptions of what we think is the right club selection is not what the data would suggest.

It points out the clubs you need to work on, or even go for a few lessons to tame the driver. In the mean time you play the percentage game while you work off course with clubs that need work and use the right club to keep you in play on the course.

A similar philosophy can be used on approach shots, is there a distance or club you have the best success rate with? Using the data on your distances and the gps functionality of the shot scope, you could aim to leave yourself this distance you hit the green from most a play the tee shot that leaves you this distance in.. Instead of going for the 300 yard drive that never happens!

Using the average proximity stat from approach data gives you a great guide to the distance you need to be working on at the range!

Hopefully you can start to see the power of analysing your data, and that having a Shot Scope v3 makes capturing this data effortless. Let’s get back to the data:

Short Game

Want to know if you’ve got Spanish hand’s like Seve? Shot Scope can help with that!

In the short game data you get up and down success, percentage of chips that are within 20ft, 6ft as well as your average proximity to the hole.  You can even filter the results by the lie, whether you want to review your success from the fairway, bunker, rough or you want to know your overall performance.

We all know that the shorter the putt the more chances we have of holing it, knowing how well you are preforming around the greens means you can work on getting it closer. For those that don’t use a shot scope or track stats, ask yourself these questions?

  1. How close to the hole do you chip on average?
  2. Do you want to be closer to the hole when chipping from around the green?
  3. How would you track your improvements?

Of course there are a number of answers, all are valid and correct. However one of the simplest and more efficient ways is using the shot scope. It’s hard to deny it, regardless if you a fan of the V3 like me or if you are sat on the fence.


Shot Scope presents a simple but affective breakdown of your putting performance, percentage stats for 1, 2 and 3 putts.  

Success rate from short, medium and long puts as well as your average shots to finish from each putt again categorised as short, medium and long.

It will confirm if you are leaving the majority of putts short or if you sail the ball past hole more often than not.

Rookie Tip

Using short game and putting data combined will start to focus your attention on the area you need to focus on. For example in a previous post I said my putting is pretty good, through shot scope I know i putt to the standard of a 10 handicapper.

 However on average I leave myself 22ft from the pin, so it doesn’t really matter how good my putting is my success rate of long puts is 9%. I need to improve my short game and get the ball closer to the hole to give me a better chance or putting less and dropping shots.

Can you see how you can start to use data to lower your scores?

There you have it, Shot Scope’s V3 reviewed! My opinion the data capture remains as good as it ever was it’s incredible. I understand my game better for using Shot Scope.

The GPS is essential for me playing golf, I feel lost without it. Using the watch while on course does not distract me from my golf making it easy to use, as well as having accurate distances, reduces a lot of uncertainty when making decisions.

Finally the new slimed down watch that I now use as normal watch as well, has to be the biggest improvement coupled with the improved battery life. For me it tackles what probably was the biggest issue for some golfers interested in the V2 as it looked a bit bulky. The v3 is not, it falls in line with sports and digital watches.

As a total package it packs a knock out punch in terms of the impact it can have on your golf. Not just aimed at mid to high handicappers but all golfers. It would be a great investment for any golfer looking to improve their golf.

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing   

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