My Golf Post Lockdown

I’ve come to the realisation that I may not be as good at golf as I think or hoped! To say I’m a little frustrated right now is an understatement.. How many of you feel as if you can play better golf than you actually do? Why is that?

Perhaps I’m expecting too much, but before lockdown I was playing to 17/18 over. I’m yet to play to my handicap closet so far is 22 over for a round.  For those struggling take some comfort that you are not alone. Those that are playing the best golf of your life next time you struggle take 2 months off and that will fix it!

Since golf started back up since COVID-19 lockdown I’ve struggled to get my swing back, my scores are high and I’m frustrated. I’m planning on starting back with lessons, but it just feels as if all the work I was putting in from January to March has been undone. Let’s face it social media doesn’t help, with a lot of people posting some great rounds since lockdown, but the cynical side of me wonders are they just posting the one or two good rounds and not giving the true picture.

I’ll be honest with you, my 1st round back I didn’t keep score, good job in hindsight as I had a massive case of the shanks for the 1st 5 holes before they started to ease… It was a tough round, I could have easily walked off after 9 but I didn’t!

A few rounds of 9 in the evenings after work and I feel a bit more comfortable, I’m not topping or hitting fat shots which is great. My strike is as good if not marginally better than before lock down. A good sign that the progress I made at the start of the year is not fully wasted.

Due to lockdown I made the effort to become fitter and healthier, starting with a 30 day fitness challenge and even now I’m working out daily from home.  I did this not to directly benefit my golf, but I have to say it’s defiantly helped me gain some yards, especially with my strike being fairly decent. Take a quick look:

7 Iron average yardage for 2020 is 178 vs 165 yards for 2019

6 Iron average yardage for 2020 is 185 vs 177 yards for 2019

5 Iron average yardage for 2020 191 vs 179 yards for 2019

Gaining yards is always nice, but to gain with longer irons shows that my strike must be better due to the lower lofts. In light of these gains I opted to only use irons for the last two rounds, taking a 5 iron off the tee in the main.

 In my last round it kept me in play more often. Hitting 57% of fairways, but what it meant was I had a much longer approach shot on some holes. Meaning I only hit 22% of greens which is down on my average coupled with me not being able to get up and down as well as I did before pre covid golf.

Despite my scores causing me frustration the last two rounds have been some of my most enjoyable. I’m hitting it well and playing the percentage shots and walking down the fairway and not in the trees or losing my tee shot is great! However I’m on the fairway more often but yet I can’t get my scores anywhere near pre Covid-19 levels… Even with the better weather we are having. The frustration is just lingering!

Distance off the tee is a factor, but not completely the sole cause of the higher scores. I’ve developed a draw since coming back which is nice, some of you may have already noticed that on the distance gained I didn’t mention my driver, 3 wood or hybrids.. There is a reason I’ve played the last two with only irons. The driver and 3 wood defiantly cost me more shots than I gain I only hit 33% of fairways when I use the driver. My go to off the tee when the driver and 3 wood are not listening to me are the hybrids, however since lockdown golf was back on the menu the hybrids seem to snap left more than anywhere near a fairway.  Making me believe I am swinging the club out to in. Something hopefully can be identified and fixed in a lesson

So the journey back to lessons begins. I will be using this article and I want you to use it as well as a good judge of how effective lessons can be. You can see my frustrations, and I’ve told you about my scores… Can I get my golf back on track? Time will tell.

How has your golf been since you came back? Leave a reply or drop me an email.

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing

2 thoughts on “My Golf Post Lockdown

  1. Resumed golf after long as our golf courses have opened recently. Well it will take a few months to play golf like before. Cheers and happy golfing! 🏌️‍♂️😊


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