Two Thumb Putter Grips

Hi All,

I’m an advocate of smaller brands, some of you may have noticed. It doesn’t mean I don’t like big brands but sometimes it’s nice to be a bit different and not follow the crowd.

At the tail end of last year I came across Two Thumb Grips, they are not a new brand in fact they have a well-developed putter grip range and even boast some great golfers using their products who compete on the European Tour.

Some of the other golfers who have used Two Thumb Grips are; Christiaan Bezuidenhout, Colin Montgomerie, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Stephen Gallacher to name a few.

Two Thumb Grips are a British based company that focus solely on putter grips, over the last 10 years they have been developing their range and selling their grips all over the world. We all know that the short game and putting is the area where the better golfers out score the average golfer, and we all have a golfing friend that loves their Scotty Cameron putter.. But how many of you think of the putter grip?

I’m not going to simply copy and paste all the company history from their website so check them out for yourselves:  –

There is a great little selection tool to help you identify the grip that suits you best.

I asked the team a few questions on the initial idea and how they got the likes of Matt Wallace to use one of their grips on tour:

Q: What was the Initial spark that made the founders want to make putter grips? (was it they didn’t like what was on the market or something else? 

A:The designer of the original was a golf coach (Philip Gazeley) by trade and believed in a particular methodology which grips at the time did not support so he was determined to develop his own based on his beliefs (The Original). He was convinced that parallel shoulders would create a more consistent and accurate stroke, the Original grip evolved to comfortably allow the thumbs to sit side-by-side so that the players shoulders could remain level and their swing could have a fluid pendulum motion.

Q: How did you go about getting the likes of Matt Wallace as a user? 

A: Matt was made aware of the grip by his coach as he uses the TwoThumb style of grip and needed a wider style grip to complement that. Many coaches believe in the benefits the Original offers (reduction of grip tension, prevention of wrist break, horizontal shoulders) and would have been aware of the grip which has been around for many years now.

Q: How aware are tour players of your grips?

A: Golfers regularly ‘tinker’, putting is a game of feel and touch, our tour bag papers at most European Tour events so players have the opportunity to see them regularly. They are also on all tour trucks. Players who putting is poor one week may look to try something new, if they then have a good round, hey presto!

Q: Future plans for the company and grips? Would you like to do other grips or just stick with putters? 

A: We have no plans to venture outside of putting for now. Swing grips are a very saturated market with a little opportunity to establish a point of difference.

At the start of the year I moved over to a Two Thumb Grip, naturally I found that the grip I took meant there was not an awful lot of space on my putter grip to take that hold. I was using a Super Stroke Grip. There is no one correct way to grip and you may assume that the Two Thumb grip is only for those that keep their thumbs side by side. Check out the multiple holds that the Two Thumb grip allows:

I use a similar grip to the top right image

For me it’s a really comfy fit, it’s not too big at the back of the grip either, I’ve gone for the ‘THE DADDY’

I wanted to be more confident and comfortable over shorter putts and this was the suggested grip by the team coming from a midsize putter grip. I’ve already seen some improvement but it’s a bit early to tell and part of my plan is to get the ball closer to the hole on my approaches so this grip should be ideal if it can give me a better feel on the shorter putts.

I hope this has highlighted a great British brand that you may have not been aware of and give you a bit more info than just going to their website. To top it all off they have been kind enough to support me with a giveaway!

In the next few weeks I’ll be selecting a random winner who will have the chance to select a Two Thumb Putter grip, just in time for the start of the season! To be in with a chance make sure to follow me on social media and subscribe to the blog

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing!

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