Bionik 504 Putter Review

Bionik Putter Review – Rookie Rating Summary
Feel & Weight:  

There is so much talk on social media about putters, especially Scotty Cameron, Stroke Lab, Evnroll that’s before we mention the Taylormade or Ping range of putters.

Putting and putters are very much personal preference as you are all probably aware. However the prices on some putters are insane!

I get it that some people ‘collect’ putters and see them as investments however £250 to £300 for a putter is crazy and doesn’t always make you better at putting.

So I set out to challenge this a little, I have a Ping Anser putter, and yes my putting is the weak part of my game but it’s not always been that way.  I wanted to challenge perception and price, so with the support to Nordica Golf ( I’ve got my hands on a Bionik 504 putter… Fully custom fitted it costs less than £80 brand new and that includes free shipping!

There are some options for the same putter that makes it even cheaper!  There’s the first tick on the challenge its challenged price and won!

Look at Tommy Fleetwood who at the Omega European Masters. He was given a putter from his caddy off of ebay that cost £90. Tommy Fleetwood only needed 21 putts on his opening round, vs a season average of 28 putters per round.

So it’s obvious that price doesn’t equate to gains, but for some it does help boost your ego which is not a good thing! Espcailly as we all know golf is snobby at the best of times. Tommy’s ebay putter is an Odyssey, which may have more appeal than the Bionik but again that’s personal preference.

For those who missed Tommy Fleetwood’s escapades with an ebay putter check this article out –

I have to admit i had no idea how the putter would feel, but I did know I wanted a small mallet style putter. Not being able to test a bionik putter could be a turnoff for some, but how many of you have bought a putter off of golfclubs4cash, golf bidder or ebay before without testing it? I hold my hand up here but I’m fairly confident I’m not the only one.

Now let’s break the review down into a few specific areas:


For me it looks good. Yes, I will admit it may not be as appealing as a Scotty but it’s better than the Lab Putter that Adam Scott uses. The Bionik is a good looking putter at address or spinning it about walking onto the green.

In fact the centre line on the mallet part of the putter and the dot at the top is actually better than my ping anser, which helps me square up my club face to my target line which helps encourage me starting the ball on the right line.

Feel & Weight

It’s got a shorter shaft (34”) which I picked, yes you can get any shaft shortened buts it’s a bit of a nuisance to have to go and take it to your local pro or fitting centre. My other putter is a 35” which I feel is a tad long for me, as I grip fairly low down on the grip.

Weight wise, it’s lighter than I thought but actually feels really comfortable in my hands and during the swing it feels well balanced. Which ultimately helps with a consistent and smooth putter swing.


My issue with putting is distance control, I went to a bladed style putter originally as I was always under hitting with my odyssey two ball, white hot putter. The blade style putter encouraged me to hit the ball a little harder. However this is still an issue and it’s costing me shots and is a huge frustration as by hitting it harder my accuracy is a tad off.

The Bionik, feels a little lighter as mentioned above, the biggest difference for me is my ability to control distance on both short and long putts.  Playing partners notice this within 1 round. My 1st round with it I only 3 putted twice, my 1st round at my home course it was twice as well.I just need to work on accuracy and reading greens a bit better, but that’s for another post.

It’s not the most in-depth of reviews, but that’s not my sole objective. I wanted to see if an unknown brand and a putter costing less than £80 could actually be a good buy and be beneficial to my putting. The answer is YES! 100%, the question is would you be prepared to do the same?

For those who are interested the team at Nordica Golf have given a 15% discount code “ROOKIE1” this can be used on any of the Bionik Putters not just the 504 model.

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing

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