Fitness & Golf

Some of you may have seen some sweaty pictures of me on social media lately. The whole family have joined the gym. The children have access to loads of different classes introducing different sports, while my wife and I can use the gym and the eclectic mix of classes.

It’s long overdue for me. Since my wife and I had the children and with work, eating health and keeping active has been on the back burner so I’ve taken some positive action.

There is not much to report on just yet, apart from a piece of advice don’t do leg day the day before a round of golf! Or jump straight into classes 1st thing in the Morning after not working out for over 5 years! Neither was a pretty sight, especially the latter.

I’m interested to see how and when becoming fitter may have an impact on my golf.. I have no preconceptions or even any plans to specifically benefit my golf.  However it would be nice to not be out of breath as often, or be able to recover quicker from one of the inclines on the course

Fitness is a hit or miss subject for a lot of people, please let me know how many of you are interested in updates on the impact fitness is having on my golf as a side effect of getting fitter and healthier.   

Do you work out for golf? Or do you work out to stay fit? Perhaps you kill two birds with one stone… Let me know in the comments section below or shot me an email:

Until next time, Happy Golfing

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