ShotScope v2 Update

Hi All,

With a lack of golf in my life at the moment, down to finding a new club, moving home and a busy work schedule I thought I’d take the time to review the data collected by my ShotScope V2.

Just for your reference I’ve only been playing a little under two years.  

If you are unsure of what the ShotScope V2 is or if you want to find out more head over to my 2 part review I did last year, just click the links below:

ShotScope V2 Review – Part 1

ShotScope v2 Review – Part 2

Club Yardages

Club 2018 2019
Driver 249 248
20 Deg Hybrid 207 214
23 deg hybrid 187 207
7i 164 167
8i 146 159
9i 133 147
PW 105 118
52 76 105

With the exception of my Driver I’ve improved in distances across the board. This is not as a result of using the ShotScope but lessons I’ve been having. What the ShotScope has allowed is for me to see progress, and adjust in making on decision choices around clubs.

I was not looking to gain distances from having lessons, but due to an improved technique its happened, and I’m not complaining!

For the record I do carry more clubs I my bag, and Yes you can see I have some gaps in yardages this is something I’m looking to work on as this year progresses and into the winter months.

Tee Shot Accuracy

There is not much change in this department, both 2018 and 2019 I’ve been hitting 46% of fairways. There is however a change to my miss pattern, I’ve reduced my left misses in 2019 6% bringing my left miss off the tee to 19% of the time.

It’s not dramatic, but it’s an improvement. Only having to worry about missing one side is better than the dreaded two way miss right?


There has been some improvement in this area; the best way to describe it is better consistency.

Putt 2018 2019
1 putt (%) 28 24
2 putt (%) 54 60
3 putt (%) 17 15

84% of my putts in 2019 are 2 putts or better not a bad average for a 20 handicapper I’d say…. However I am a little bias.

All other areas such as approach shots and short game are pretty much level pegging. This is down to the lack of golf I’ve played since May, I’ve had to face facts an realise that this year I’m missing most of the best weather and my goals are going to have to be re-adjusted.


2018 is started with 23 and by the end of the year was down to 20.

2019 saw me cut by .1 to break the 20 barrier at 19.9, however before leaving my last club I got bumped back up to 20 followed a bad.

The positive I’m taking from this, is I’m now consistent not getting cut dramatically or getting bumped up. It’s not the handicap I want or the one I can play to but circumstances have not helped and I’m grateful to stay pretty static though all of it.

The ShotScope V2 is still very much part of my golf routine and once I start playing more does help support my golf by identifying areas I need to improve on.. For those of you who have a ShotScope or for those of you interested in one go check out the free EBOOK on lowering your scores at :

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing

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