The Search For A New Golf Club

Hi All,

If you’ve been watching my videos on social media over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed I’m on the hunt for a new golf club.

This is in part due to the fact I have moved house, and the commute is right on the limit of what I’m comfortable with. Secondly I feel as if my current club is not offering me value for money any more.

The green keeping staffs do a great job in maintaining the course. The fairways are always plush and green, the greens are well kept. I wanted to make that clear that it’s not the course that has made me change my mind.

However the practice facilities are lacking, the putting green comes across as an afterthought that they have stuck it on the hill to the 1st tee.. The greens are fairly flat on the course but the practice green is the opposite. There is no real short or long game area.. Coupled with the membership fee it doesn’t feel a good deal for me. Especially as I’ve started to look at what else is on offer it truly has made me consider what I want from a golf club

In addition, the club pro has recently left the club due to various reason, but the club has not treated him very well and he has decided to move to pastures new. Even though I was pretty sure I was leaving, this was the final nail in the coffin and confirmed I was making the right decision.

My search area is around Swansea and Neath as that is where I have moved to. The criteria I’ll be judging/looking for are as follows:

  1. Price
    • I have a budget in mind (no I’m not telling you) so it has to sit within it.
  2. Location
    • I’m use to traveling 5 minutes to get to the club. So I’ve pushed the boat out to 30 mins including traffic.
  3. Facilities
    • As part of my efforts to improve and reduce my handicap, I want the course to have short game faculties. Chipping and putting greens that allow me to put some practice in that representative of the course.
  4. Competitions
    • A good mix of events, throughout the year
  5. Quality of course
    • I want a challenge, but done want to get beaten up or a course that is too easy (I know there is no such thing but you know what I mean). There are a few things that I prefer,  well looked after and big greens is one of them.
  6. Junior Friendly
    • With a 3 year old and 5 year old who are taking some interest I want the option to be open for them to 1, join me for a round and 2, if they ever want to play there is a course that supports and welcomes younger players to our sport.

I’ve narrowed it down to two courses, but to make sure I will be playing them both. The initial list was nearly 8 strong but upon visiting a few I ruled some out and others due to the commute. Some of these include Pennard and Langland Bay. However the final two are:

Swansea Bay Golf Club

A parkland and links hybrid. It has parkland holes with links feel then progress into a links course alongside the estuary mouth

Neath Golf Club

A James Briad design in the heart of the Neath Valley, the course cover the platu of the valley with a famous 80 foot elevated tee onto a par 4 that looks over the town and towards Swansea Bay.

I’ll be planning on playing both course (in fact ive already played Swansea Bay last weekend)  in the next few weeks and I’m hoping one of them meets expectations, and becomes the home to Rookie Golfer!

Both courses will be reviewed the same way as I am reviewing the top 5 courses in wales.

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing

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