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Hi All,

So it’s my 2nd season in golf, this time last year I had not even joined a club and here I am with goals set for this season (Golf Goals  Post – Click Here)

I’ve set a pretty ambitious handicap goal, but one I feel is achievable.

Last season I started with a handicap of 23 and ended the season on 20.2 (currently down to 19.9) o I was happy with this progress, i’ve had lessons and put some work in over the winter so I was excited for the start of the new season….

1st outing for the stones golf team. Tee shots! I hit 1 fairway in 9 holes, and lost two off the tee. No matter what I did, how conservative I played I was putting myself in trouble.. My iron play was good and my putting was holding up.

My frustration with my tee shots was starting to increase, but I put it down as a bad day.

April 6th, the 1st medal (stoke play) competition of the year, it was cold and windy (20mph) but I was striking the ball well. 1st hole at The Grove is a par 5, I missed the green on my 3rd shot, i waslong but walked away with a 6. 2nd hole is a par 4 an ok-ish tee shot, pushed to the right, and an 8iron onto the green for two… Yep you guessed it I thought I was on form…. Then came the 3 putt walked off with a 5. Still not a bad start.

Long story short I 3 putted 5 times, lost 3 balls and went around in 98… I was disappointed as I felt I played well, but the area of my game I’m happy with, putting had let me down. Have you ever felt like that? As if you played well but your score doesn’t tell the same story?

Frustration had kicked in! I then walked into the club house to submit my score card to find out I was 4 shots off the leader and the club house leader of the 18-28 handicap competition for the day.  My frustration started to dissipate, I ended up finishing 13th overall and 1st in my section!

Fast forward 4 days, I didn’t go out with the stones as I wanted to focus on myself for 9 holes. Tee shots… Again! This time I even clubbed down to the 3 wood and the results were not much better.

So apart from telling you I’m not very good off the tee at the moment, what is the point I’m trying to make?

Golf has this fantastic habit of sucking you into the sport, you start to progress and you can see some of your potential as a golfer… Then all of a sudden decline or platau with a side serving of frustration.

How do we prevent or deal with this? Where does the frustration come from?

Are we putting too much pressure on ourselves?  We all know golf is a game of imperfection and it’s about managing the round as much as hitting the ball. So why do we introduce pressure into the mix?

Do we practice enough?

I’ve recently run a Facebook and instragram poll and golfers who commit to more than 1 and half hours of practice a week have an average handicap 1 shot lower than those who don’t..  The biggest group of golfers that invest their time here are 0-5 handicappers.

Category 1 golfers were the only group where the majority practice more than 1.5 hours a week. Every other category commits to less practice, 60% of golfers outside of category 1 practice less than 1.5 hours a week.

Perhaps this is the reason the category 1 golfers are where they are?  Practicing your all round game rather than always working on your weakness. I’m working on a few posts that will spin off of this, one being about serious golf, practice and an approach to golf.

Lack of patience and complacency creeps in

We all know it, that if you put the time and effort into something you tend to get the results or outcome you want. Even from my simple research on social media it confirms this… So why do so many of us not bother? I’ll hold my hand up here I’m one of the golfers that fall into less than 1.5 hours of practice a week. I’m changing this and will report back on the results.

Is it lack of patience? A golfer I have met online who is an awesome golfer and a pretty awesome human being in general Billy Grant – Challenged my perspective recently…

  • It’s almost impossible to get good at golf really quick
  • You have to be honest and real with yourself about the effort you put into improving. An hour a week and a round of golf 2 to 4 times a month may not cut it depending on your goals.

Both points are based around having patience, something which I’m guessing a lot of us golfers do not have.

Surely this leads to complacency and perhaps in return contentment with the standard of golf you play? For me I’m not happy with staying at 19.9 or playing off 20. I have a goal of getting down to 16 and some longer term goals. Are you happy with the standard of golf you play too? Are you doing anything about it? Have you tried something and it’s not worked?

From this i working on a golf practice routine that i can do that does not impact on the rest of my daily goings but allows me to commit to improvement. The patience bit, will take a bit of time…

Get in touch and tell me, I’m keen to explore this area more and document what I’ll be doing to ease the frustration and will be reporting back on if its working or not.

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing

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