Pre Season Kick Off

Hi All,

April is only a couple of weeks away. Are you ready for the new golf season?

A lot of golfers, including me use the ‘off season’ to put work in on and off the course ready for the good weather, competitions and lighter nights.

This blog post, I’ll highlight what I’ve been doing, but to start with begin with the goals for this season:

  • Reduce Handicap to 16 (Currently 19.9, when I set this goal I was 20.2)
  • Play, document and review the top 5 courses in Wales (Not a goal but an important part of this season, I want to par at least one hole on each course)

Practice and Playing time

I’m lucky enough to live just over a mile from my home course, so squeezing a few holes in is something I find easy. Throughout the winter I’ve been playing a good number of club competitions on a Saturday this is where most of my ‘on course’ time has come from.

All be it, not the most competitive of clubs or competitions as its run as a league it’s been

grass green golf golf ball

great experience. The biggest part for me was learning and developing the ability to stay focused on my game rather than what the other golfers were doing.

In February the UK saw some great weather, so I was able to squeeze 4 to 6 holes in after work some nights. Let’s face it that’s extra time on the course that would not normally happen.

I’ve spent less time at the range, I’m not a big fan of the range so this was a conscious effort. In total less than 5 trips from November to now.


You may be tiring of my lesson updates or selfies at The Royal Porthcawl, but it’s been a great investment for me in partnering up with Gareth Howells there. My handicap has already dropped .3 and I’m consistently playing to or just under my handicap… Which is something I wasn’t able to do in the later part of last year.

My confidence is on the up and my understanding of golf and my golf game is improving regularly. To the point where I sometimes think I’m better than I am.

activity club course golf

I’m currently trying to work out the competitions I want to/can play in this season. Again I’ll be part of the Stones team (17.5 to 28 handicap) team that plays in a South Wales league, until I hit my goal that is. The reason I bring this up lessons is, I have an ambition to compete and compete well so building this into my lessons is important to me and something Gareth is keen to work with me on.

This is another blog I am working on, competing in golf as a higher handicapper. Something there is a big stigma around.

So far during the lessons we have worked on my long game, with the focus switching to the short game and sub 150 yards just in time for April.


So with 14 days till the 1st April are you ready?

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing.

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