Yoga for Golf

Hi All,

How many of you compliment your golf with any other fitness activities?

I ran an Instagram and Facebook poll and here were the results:

Instagram: 21 Yes 19 No

Facebook: 29 Yes  46 No

Total: 50 Yes  and 65 No

Its not the biggest poll, but I have to admit the gap is closer than I thought. I honestly thought more of you would say no. It’s safe to say golfers on instagram are the fitter golfers! I’m kidding…..

I’ve hinted for a little while that I was going to be trying Yoga. One to help with golf, but also to also get me a little more active due to my job I’m not the most active during the working day. Go back a few years and I use to work out and train in martial arts daily… So its about time I started doing something… Anything.

Why Yoga you might be asking?

For me it’s something that I can do at home, or when working away. Rightly or wrongly there is plenty of YOGA at home content on youtube and social media so this is how I will be doing it.

It is proven to help with flexibility and balance. With as little as 15 to 30 minutes a day it can make a huge difference for those of us who are looking to enhance performance by increasing flexibility. Let’s face it, we can squeeze this in 1st thing in the morning, while we are waiting for dinner to cook or once the kids have gone to bed.

As well as working on getting some form of flexibility back, the other reason I’ve chosen yoga is to try and add some form of conditioning into my daily/weekly routine.

So to put into 3 words:  Flexibility, Conditioning, Convenient


In my experience with yoga so far I’ve  found that it is a very relaxing routine, after the initial shock of ‘I can’t believe how weak i feel’ and ‘why can’t i move my leg this way?’  after a busy day or a weekend running after the children it’s a great way to unwind and I can honestly say I feel less tension after it.

Ok I have to admit something here… I’ve been crap at doing YOGA. A little bit down to me by lazy it takes 15 to 30 mins and I’ve not been that committed to doing it. Hence one of the reason for doing blog post, to give me a kick up the back side and to show that I’m not as committed to everything despite what some of you may think.

So I’m taking this as my starting point and I’ve made these observations on starting YOGA to compare monthly and to report back.

  • Waist line
  • Flexibility & Mobility
    • Touching toes? Fingers or hands flat
    • Tightness in hips
    • Tightness in shoulders
    • Tension in neck
    • Swing follow through – can i hold it? Something i feel i can do due to tightness
    • Reduced ache after a round
  • Mental State
  • Am I more relaxed after Yoga?
  • Does it have on going affects in work and personal life?

Some of these are a little subjective, but regardless they are personal to me, but I’m looking forward to building this into my daily routine, and what the results could be both for my golf but for my general well being.

If you are interested in joining me on a journey of yoga for golf and life get in touch on social media or email:

Until Next Time, Happy Golfing (and Yoga),

Rookie Sig


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