Handicap Reduction Plan (part 2)

Hi All,

In my last post I wrote about having structured and regular lessons this season to help me achieve my goal of a handicap of 16. In this post I’ll be writing a little bit more about the areas I’ll be working on. Thanks to the data provided by my Shot Scope v2, this has helped massively in identifying these areas.

Putting Average

2018 – Average 33 putts per round (1.8 per hole)

2018 – 3 putt on average every 6 holes

I would say I’m pretty happy with my putting, but I feel there is a little room for improvement here. The dreaded 3 putt comes into play up to 3 times a round… Something I’ll be focusing to reduce. Thanks to some support from P2 Grips (https://p2grips.com/) I’ve upgraded from the original skinny ping grip which I found I was griping to hard and gone to a bigger grip.

Specifically focusing on Working on:

0- 6f putts – 72% success rate

6 – 12ft putts – 27% success rate

Above stats are from 2018

Short Game (Proximity)

Average proximity to hole 16.7ft – 2018

It’s not rocket science that the closer I can get the ball to the hole I put myself in a better position to 1 or 2 putt at worst. The two above stats show that within 6ft I stand a better chance, but if I can improve my putting and chip the ball in closer again my chances to cut shots and score better is on the up.

I’m a little inconstant here, I’ve started to see improvement but as a general rule I’m either to tentative and don’t get the ball on the green or just about make it. The flip side is I over compensate for this and over run the green or too far past the pin.



I struggle with getting the ball to release on the green, something I’ve worked on over the Christmas period up to now and I have to admit it’s getting better and it’s an area I’m starting to improve more and enjoy.




2018 Green Success – 22%

This is an area I’ve previously worked on, this time last year actually. 150 yards and in, what I’m looking to do this year is improve this even more. 2018 I had a poor success rate, by that I mean I was hitting the green 22% of the time when approaching from around the 150 yard mark.

This is linked to my ability to consistently strike the ball well, i’m not going to go into strike but this is the 1st part of what i’m working on with Gareth and The Royal Porthcawl

I’m going to start to link the above 3 points together now, a quick look into my mind-set when looking at what to focus on for me to hit my goals

If I can increase my approach success and hit more greens, that’s ideal! Especially if the work I’ve done on putting is working, I’m going to put myself in some good scoring positions.

On the other hand if I miss the green, but the work i’ve done on short game is working, I have the ability to get up and down in the best case scenario or help salvage what previously could me a bad hole.

So by working on all three its only going to be a massive advantage. It’s been said by many people and many of times that if you want to improve work on short game and 100 or 150 yards an in. Well guess what, I now am!



A little bit of frustration has crept in this area for me. The plan this year is to work on dispersion. Not just left and right but short and long. Predominantly short and long, my drives last year with the PING G25 varied between 200 and 249 on average. That’s taking my longest drives out of the equation. 49 yards difference, that’s insane!

So with the help of my trusty golf coach I’ll be working to improve this area with the longer goal on working on how to maximize distance. Not long drive distances though!

It’s great to identify the areas I need to work on, and specifically what within each area.. The only way I can do this is by


As like most of you, I will be using the next few months to fit more practice into my routine. Something I am hoping to do throughout this season.

We all know how much fun golf is, so when the spring comes I usually end up playing once in the week, and one round on the weekend. This season I will be trying to squeeze an extra 9 holes on some weekends as I take my children on the course with me.  

Rather than become a range rate, I’m looking to do my practicing on the course. The midweek and 9 holes with the children are ideal for this, leaving me with the other weekend round for competing at the club. Nothing beats hitting off grass anyway!

So there you have it, an overview of the plan I have in achieving my goals for this year. Needless to say they are also linked to a longer term goal which I’m hoping to share with you all in the coming months.

Until next time,

Happy Golfing!

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