Handicap Reduction Plan (Part 1)

Hi All,

In this short 2 part series I will be discussing my plans to achieve my 2019 golf goals, the main one being to reduce my handicap to 16.

Don’t know what my other goals are? Have a quick catch up – click the link – 2019 Golf Goals

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing fail.”     ― Benjamin Franklin

A old and perhaps overused quote but one that does ring true, n that note let’s get to it:

Focused Lessons  (Part 1)

Some of you may have seen me post a little while back, but I have taken a big step towards hitting my goals and teamed up with the coaching staff at The Royal Porthcawl.

Why not your club’s pro some of you may be thinking?

I have had lessons with him and he is a great golf coach and Leon has helped me out loads especially in my 1st full season. The reasons why I have made the decision to go down this route are:

Practice Facilities

The Royal Porthcawl’s are 2nd too none. Before and after my lessons I get a chance to use their grass range, putting and short game practice area. Something I don’t get all in one place at the moment, or too such as high standard.

Also having this available allows me to practice straight after the lesson to try and embed what I’ve been working on.

The biggest down side to my home course is the practice facilities do not allow me to practice my long game. Also there is no short game area. I know this is not the end of the world as I can practice when the course is quiet but this is not always possible.

The Royal Porthcawl

Who would not want to be able to be in and around a golf club like this on a regular basis?! The heritage and the venue itself is amazing.  Go check it out for yourself – www.royalporthcawl.com

It was a big part to why I decided to have lessons here. Firstly it is a little treat for myself because of the prestige of the course. To be using their faculties and playing the course later in the year is something I’m really looking forward to .

Secondly it’s a confidence thing (I think that’s the right word i’m looking for).  Let me try to explain quickly,  in 2017 I came here to watch the Senior Open and saw the likes of Faldo, Langer, Jimez practicing on these facilities. Even Tiger Woods has played here. So for me knowing that I’m using facilities like this gives me a little bit of a special feeling. No it doesn’t make me any better (YET!) but it’s a great experience. At the end of the day that’s all we have!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Coaching Team

PGA Professional – Gareth Howells

Let me give you some information on him

  • Assistant Professional at Royal Porthcawl for 6 years
  • PGA Professional Graduate though Birmingham University
  • Plays competitively on both PGA West Region and South Wales PGA Events

I’m really looking forward to working with Gareth, especially as he is an active competitive golfer something I feel a lot of head pros are not.  So it will be interesting to see how this helps me progress.

I also know the other Assistant Pro there and James is great as well, I’ve previously seen James working with Junior golfers and the plan is to get my two children a few lessons at The Royal Porthcawl as they have a great set up for Junior Golf.

1st Lesson

Just to point out, this is not my 1st ever lesson, just the 1st one with Gareth. Back in early January I went down to specifically focus on my long game (a separate blog on this), but ended up trying to fix heavy shots, as the previous few rounds and even in the warm up were becoming frustratingly frequent!

Long story short (as not wanting to go into details) I was extremely impressed with the lesson and the approach Gareth takes towards his teaching. I ended up during the session and following on from it feeling as if my golf swing is more comfortable, repeatable and from a personal (some may say vain point of view) it looks more like a proper golf swing. Here have a quick look at a still shot of the changes from before and after my set up before the swing:

Swing pic

Want to see the swing? Click on either of the two below links to have a look:

Instagram  Swing Video (Click Here)

Facebook Swing Video (Click Here)

I enjoyed my 1st season so much and my lesson with Gareth that i continue to be hooked on golf! (see what I done there?? Hooked??).

So I’ve committed to a 12 month plan with Gareth working on course management, swing, skills, fitness etc.  I’ll be regularly updating you on the progress here, but it’s something I’m really looking forward too. I’ve already seen an improvement following my last club competition taking 21 points on the back 9 following the subtle changes to my swing aided consistency massively!

There you have it the 1st step to smashing my 2019 goals, what plans do you have to achieve your goals? I’m genuinely interested so drop me a message.

The next blog will be posted on 18th February 2019 and will be part 2 of this series where i dive into a bit more detail on the areas of my golf i’ll be working on to get to that magic number 16!

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Until next time, Happy Golfing.

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