End Of Year Review

Hi All,

With not much time left f 2018 I wanted to recap how this year has gone for me.


Back in February I started the rookie.golfer Instagram page, the 1st handful of posts was of miss hits and one severe shank!! I started it as a bit of a laugh if being honest, but after a little while I got into the whole idea of golfers on Instagram. The Facebook page followed shortly after as well.

The evolution of my social media journey is evident to see, I began to take my golf more serious and I began to improve. I have to admit I’m really proud of what I have achieved with this, because of this I began the blog.

I’ve always wanted to write, but never really found anything to write about consistently and with interest and passion. Since starting the blog and the social media I’ve managed to work along some great people and companies, and gave away over £500 worth of golf products in giveaways! A tough act to follow for 2019!

It’s through here that I managed to join the online golf society 3PUTTLIFE, a great collection of people around the World that are an online golf family that arrange to meet up as much as possible. Something I’m hoping to do in 2019 with them all!


I’ve already said that I began to take golf more seriously, this started with lessons at my local golf club… Great as it’s less than 2 miles from the house, the plan was to play on smaller local courses this year and maybe join a club in 2019. That plan quickly changed as I wanted to play more, so joined The Grove Golf Club in Porthcawl  in May. This is my closest club and where I’ve been having my lessons.

Here I got my 1st handicap I then joined the higher handicap team and played in a league match and interclub comp against similar handicap players… A great way into competition golf. Needless to say the amount of golf I squeezed into 2018 was great! And helped me improve all round!


I’ve given updates on how I’ve got on, I was never planning on playing in competitions but I ended up doing it.

I suppose it was inevitable, as I’ve always been involved in sports. I played football from a little age and managed to play internationally, when I was in my late teenage years I raced motorbikes in the British Championship then in my early and mid 20’s trained and competed in martial arts. So you could say I have a competitive nature… And I’m glad I started competing, not to win but the feeling of competing and meeting other club members was great… I won my 1st team match and then lost my 1st singles match in the space of a week. It took me 2 months to enter a club wide competition but I done it and didn’t come last. I even ended up coming 3rd in the AGM Texas scramble event, where I had my 1st glimpse into the prize money….. £8!, I’m still smiling over the thought of it now! In 2019 I’m really hoping to continue this and improve on my performances under the pressure of being in competition.


If you read my previous blog post, part 2 of the ShotScope review you will already know where my handicap is. For those that have not read, firstly shame on you secondly I got my 1st handicap starting with 23! I was shocked I had ended up with but wasn’t going to shy away from it. Over the course of the year I’ve worked hard and come down to 20.2.

Yes there are some of you out there that started on lower and are lower, but for me this is a great achievement from where I started in February 2018 and considering I only started to take interest in golf tail end of summer 2017.

My best score is 85 at Derylls Court in West Wales and 90 at my home course…. My 1st ever round on a 18 hole golf course was 126! So you might have just heard me open a can of beer to celebrate…. Again!


The golf journey I’ve been on in 2018 has been amazing, and I would like to say now that my Wife Victoria has been really supportive. She is not standing over me while I type this I promise!  We all know a round of golf and a catch up at the end of a round is time consuming and with a young family I’m really grateful I’ve been allowed to do this.

Golf has become a great escape from the world of work and even family life. I don’t mean that in a horrible way, but I’m a big believer that everyone should have something just for them… We all deserve to be a little selfish and do something that makes us happy. For the few hours I’m on the course or practicing I switch off from everything and just focus on hitting that little white ball! Even when it goes terribly wrong, I can’t wait to get back out there!

Golf has given me something else to focus on especially as I run a social media profile and have the blog it’s great to have something else to do.. It’s not for everyone and not everyone takes golf too seriously but for me I have fun with it and want to get better.

This sport has also led me to spend a little more time with my father, who use to take me out on the golf course when I was 8 and 9 years old. He hasn’t played for 18 years and is now a member of a golf club in West Wales! I didn’t start the playing golf or posting about it to get others into it but it’s great to see my dad back out there! My mum is grateful too, but SHHH! Don’t tell my old man that.

Finally I’ve had chance to take my little boy and girl on the course and try to get them into the sport, during the summer and dryer autumn Sunday’s I take one of them out for a round of 9 with me! I’m not sure what they like the most, sitting in the buggy or tapping in the odd putt! Either way they love it and so do I! When they are a little older I will be booking them into a few lessons, to see if they really want to play.

So there you have it, a quick snap shot to my 1st full year of golf! Thank you to all the readers and followers I do really appreciate you taking the time to read what I have to say. I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Until 2019! Happy golfing,

Rookie Sig


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