Shot Scope v2 review part 1

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So I’m back after a little while off, I have to admit it was tougher than I thought taking time off to write but that is for another post.

The team at Shot Scope have been kind enough to let me test and review a Shot Scope v2. Something which I am very excited about, as the Shot Scope was going to go on my Christmas list this year!!

Congratulations again to Markyb Golf who one the Shot Scope giveaway on Instagram!

This review is going to be broken into two parts, with updates after that. Part 1 is going to review getting up and running and the 1st round. Here we go:

Set Up

With no surprise everything is well packaged and easy to identify.  I started by connecting the shotscope to my computer to 1 power the watch and 2 to download the required programs. I had a little bit of messing about to due to an older computer, but on the FAQ section of ShotScopes website had all the info I needed to overcome this.

The watch does take a long time to charge for the 1st time, but you are informed that this may be the case. While this was charging and installing all the drivers on the computer I downloaded the shotscope app for my phone and registered an account, as well as screwing the pins into the grips of my golf clubs. The pins sit reasonable flush to the top if the club and in fairness you do not notice they are there. Each pin has markings on such as 8i, 9i, D (for driver)…. Can you see where this is going?

Each pin is assigned so you must use the right pin for the right club. You do get 4 spare pins that you can assign as you wish.

Now that was done, everything was up and running on my computer, since I had already created an account I was on my dashboard on Here you can assign the make, model of each club you have to the pins.  I can only assume that this allows for comparisons down the line or if you test new clubs, it’s a great addition for those looking to use this over the long term.

Once I had done this I searched for my home golf course to download the map, again a seamless task as I found my course straight away and within less than a minute it was on the watch.

To very quickly summaries there was no difficulties in setting up the watch, perhaps if you are not comfortable with computers the issues I had with having to download direct of the website and it not being down automatically could cause some issues.

1st Round

I was really looking forward to using the Shot Scope for the 1st time. After my practice and warm up I powered the watch up and selected one of the 3 modes available. GPS only, PRO (Track) Only and GPS & Track these are self-explanatory but just in case, GPS only does not track any of the yardages, Track does the opposite and does not show any info but tracks yardages and GPS & Track does both.  Once the mode is selected it picked up my home course the grove golf club which I confirmed and straight away it loaded the 1st hole Simple as that!

You are requested to take a few practice swings next to each shot so the watch can do its thing (there is a fair bit of technical info around this, which I will not go into).

So off I went to hit my 1st tee shot…. I have to admit I wanted to impress the watch! Or myself I not sure but I ended up trying to hit the ball harder than I ever have. Anyway I got the ball away, as I walked up to my next shot wanted to check the yardages and I was on hole 3?!

As I tried to figure out why, it was evident that the end of my glove was nudging the next hole button so as I was flexing my wrists it run the risk of pushing the button. As frustrating as this can be, its easily remedied but cycling back with no consequence to the data you are capturing.

The watch is a little bulkier than I thought it would be and can cut into your wrist if too tight, but its easily adjustable…. I did however carry on the round trying to prove to myself I’m a big hitter.

There are a few options whilst out on the round; you get the info to front, middle and back of the greens. You can also check out the yardages to hazards as well.

Cycling through the options you select a few extra options such as if you’ve had to hit a provisional, take a penalty, lost ball or pick up.

When on the green it does pick up your putts, but the moment you walk on the watch switches to flag collection mode, where after you hole your putt it asks you to confirm the amount of putts. It asks you to try and do this at the hole so it can accurately work out putting info. A few times I forgot this, the great thing is that it still picks up the amount of putts.


Once the round is complete simple cycle through the options until it asks you if you want to end the round and confirm. Once I got back home I was so keen to connect to the computer to download the stats, I did walk around with a score card to make sure that the shot counting was accurate.

I synced the data up and loaded up my dashboard, you have to confirm the info of each round. At 1st I thought that this was going to be tedious and what is the point… I then noticed that you are required to confirm what tees you were on, confirm the par of the hole and it was evident that not every shot was captured. I was around 12 shots better on the shot scope than my actual score. You can adjust this but obviously takes a little bit of time.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed that the shot tracking was so far off, could this be a little bit of user error? Wait and see in part 2 of the Shot Scope V2 Review.

The stats it produces are vast, see a screen shot below showing all the available data. I’m not going to go into any detail on this, as I will be covering this in part 2 of the review.


My initial thoughts, the set up was simple so I cannot fault that. On the course I didn’t really notice the watch on my wrist unless I had it too tight or too loose. The stats it gives looks impressive but after one round didn’t have enough info or experience to determine how useful it was so more rounds were needed! Not that I needed any extra excuses to get out on the course.

The only negative I experienced was the shot tracking, having a 12 shot difference and not knowing what shots it did not pick up was a little frustrating. However i will continue to preserve and you can see how I get on in future rounds in part 2!

Until next time, Happy Golfing!


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