My Golf: July 2018

Hi All,

Quickly the stats;

Round of 18 holes: 7 (1 was a charity day with work)

Practice rounds/sessions: 3

Lessons: 0

Some of you may know, but it happened! I achieved my 2018 Golf Goal of breaking 100, I posted a round of 92 on the 8th July, followed up by breaking 100 for the following two rounds with a score of 97!

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I am elated as you can all imagine!

As you can see I managed to get a decent amount of golf in this month! The weather is a massive help, now that schools are out it may be a challenge but I am hoping to get out at least once a week if not twice during the summer holidays, without sacrificing too much time with my two children and wife.

A lot of my rounds are played with a high handicap team at my club, 17.5 and above handicapped players only. Which is great as we hold mini stapleford matches on Wednesdays, to be nit picky the only down side is they only play a round over 15 holes! A historic thing due to previous amount of players, so trying to see out a decent round can be tough. Maybe I should carry on for the last 3 on my own, what do you all think?

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There has been some ups and downs this month though, mainly to due with my father beating me twice! On a positive note I have got my dad back into golf after nearly 20 years away from the sport, my next challenge is to get him walking the course and not hiring a buggy all the time!

I’ve noticed some big improvements in my game over this month, my striking is generally much better with less thin or fat shots during the rounds. The biggest game changer for me though is tempo or swing speed. To try and increase my accuracy I have slowed my swing down and shorten my backswing. In reality the swing is probably not that slow and the back swing is still a full swing, however it feels that way to me. I’ve got a number of rounds in with this mind set and its worked wonders..

HOWEVER! Golf is such a strange sport that after finishing 3rd in the weekly high handicappers stapleford match, I then went out the next morning with my father for a round and it was the most infuriating round I have ever had!

During the stapleford match, my accuracy off the tee was improved, I hit some of the longest approach shots I have ever hit and made them stick, I hit 28% of greens in regulation!

14 hours later, polar opposite, my accuracy off the tee was gone, thin shots when chipping, fat shots off the tee and off the fairway/1st cut! I nearly walked off after the front 9. I have the talent to pull off two lost tee shots then thin a chip onto the green and picked up the ball. Onto the next hole I get on a par 4 in two and walk away with a par! Work that one out!?

I did manage to pull the round back a little on the back 9, but ended up posting a 102 which I felt was a disaster of a round. Looking back to May this year my best round was 111 so in reality I’m improving. Finally to make matters worse again I hit double digit percentage of Greens in Regulation with 22%! Again work that one out, as I can’t!

Is it possible to play to much golf? Or did I try playing too much in too short space of time for my ability and fitness levels?


My final thought for the monthly of July is, I am practicing enough? All though I say practice rounds at the top of this post, in reality they are 9 hole rounds rather than working on something. So during the month of August I am going to try and get out once a week for a 30/40 minute practice session on something specific. How many of you do this? Did it help? I’m intrigued to hear your stories of how you got on with your golf game in July. As well as hearing how you all practice!

Until next time Happy Golfing!


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