My Golf: June 2018 (Competition edition)

Hi All,

The month of my 1st competition! In fact I had a team and singles match!

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Quickly the stats;

Round of 18 holes: 5

Practice rounds: 2


This month was a lot of consolidation I’ve played every round 110 or under, apart from two of the rounds which I did not keep track due to singles match play and a greensome format for the team competition.

A hook as snuck into my game this month, but I have had a lesson to try and correct this. It feels better but it is still there. Didn’t appear in the lesson but does on the course! Anyone else have this issue?!

The lesson just covered the basics and it was through compliancy that I had gone back to a strong right hand allowing me to close the club face a little too easy. Hence the hook!

I have mentioned it before, but keeping the basics fresh in my mind is something I am now very aware of and the lesson proved that the basics have such a dramatic impact on my game. Do you go over or try and re-enforce the basics in you game? If so what area in particular?

Now to the bit you all want to know about it…… Competition time!

On Monday 25th I was asked to play for the stones team of Grove Golf Club, the stones league is 17.5 to 28 handicappers only. The format we played was greensomes (not sexual! And not sure if I’m spelling it right). It’s a two vs two match play, all four players tee off. Each team pick a tee shot to play and play alternative shots.

I really enjoyed this format, it really helped that my tee shots were on fire making 16 of 18 fairways! We went 1 down after the 1st but clawed it back straight away and got to 2 up after 9. We piled a little bit of pressure on, again my tee shots really helped here! By the end of the 14th we were up by 5 and game over! I was over the moon, the Grove Team won the match winning 5 of the 6 matches as well!

There was no rest for me though, as on                the following Wednesday I had singles match play in the club’s Stones match play! I ended up playing a great guy, who I had to give 3 shots to as he was playing off of 26.

1st tee, my honours due to a better handicap no nerves, confidence up. “Play it safe” I told myself, 7 iron middle of the fairway don’t go for distance keep the ball in play. Smash! Great connection but a push to the right…. Into the tree line but I could see it. Not the start I wanted but thought I can recover from this and I won’t lose the match on the 1st hole….

Could I get out the trees….. yes! After 3 attempts! So again I’m 1 down after 1. I told myself, same situation as the team match carry on! Long story short I was 3 down after 3! I thought this will be a quick match. I could not get off the tee!! Most the holes were conceded off the tee with 3 lost balls of the tee!

It took me until the 5th to fight back to win the hole. This was more due to my opponent losing two balls! It was not until the 7th that I got off the tee on a par 3 and landed 5 foot from the pin.

I fought my way back until the 10th where it was all square. Then came the run of holes where I had to give a shot up. With all my might and focus I couldn’t prevent going back to 2 under. So we are on the 17th tee and I’m 2 behind…. Don’t panic! I did and had to go for it. I hit a screamer of a tee shot only to clip a tree branch on the approach to the green! Ended up with a birdie putt to take it to the 18th!

Moment of truth, I set up for an 8 foot putt, my confidence was up after putting had saved me all day. I had put away an 18 footer and two 10 footers. So ball lined up, back the putter went…. Ball left the club perfect I kept my head down and picked my head up after the ball was mid-role.

It was going straight for the hole pace was a little quick, then the break! I thought I read it right… it broke to the right but the ball was still a little quick… it reaches the hole and……… It lipped out!!! Gam over I lost 2 & 1.

I was completely disappointed, but had such a great time! I was proud of my ability to keep in the game and take it that far and get back to all square! Competitions are defiantly something I want to get more into.

So that is it, my June recap of my golf. Apologies its been ransacked by more by competition stories than my actually golf but that’s part of my journey into the world of golf! What are you experiences of your 1st golf competition? If you haven’t played a competitive match, what’s holding you back? Let me know, I’m keen to see why people do and don’t go for it. Plus after my two matches I want to convince as many people to at least try it once!

Anyway until next time, Happy Golfing!

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