My Golf: May 2018

Hi All,

As we are moving into another month, i always take time to look back and recap how i got on during the previous month. I find it helps me review my progress of my golf goals (If you haven’t already, check out ‘Rookie Golf Goals 2018) – ‘. It’s also a great way to see what was working, what wasn’t, review stats (using a golf app or your own systems) and for me to tally up how many rounds i got in.

If you don’t review your previous month why not give it a try and let me know if it has any benefits?

As i have a young family and working full time it can be difficult to get out some times, especially when every time i head off the weather turns! Does this happen to anyone else, or it is just me?! However May was an exception as the children went away for half term with their Nana.


MAY 2018

Rounds: 5 rounds of 18 and 3 rounds of 9

Lost balls: 19 – Ouch! 

Highlights: Best round – 106 and coming 2nd in one of the golf club mini competitions.

The most rounds of golf i have ever played in a single month. This is massively to do with joining a Golf Club this month having the freedom to book a tee time or just turn up and jump on to a hole where there is space and just play. What’s also helped is the children are away for half term with their Nana and i have the week off, so manged to get out 4 times in the last week of the month.

One of those was with one of the club’s teams, called The Stones they are a 17.5 and above handicap team. I went out for 15 holes one Wednesday and came 2nd in their mini competition which was great. It was also great to play with similar ability players and hopefully if i can juggle family and work life i might be able to play in some of the matches they have in a local league!

For 3 of the rounds it was for the purpose of putting my cards in for Handicap, i should know early June the outcome so keep you eyes peeled for the June review, or if you can’t wait follow me on social media (links are on the home page of the Blog).

My consistency of striking has improved dramatically, i can now generally count on two hands (Yes that’s an improvement before any of you laugh) how many times i hit a ‘Fat’ or ‘Topped’ shots. This has given me bags of confidence in taking on particular shots or not worrying about going over trees or hazards, rather than the fear factor of will i slice it, will i top it, etc. Simply, it allows me to think about the type of shot i want to play and what club to use, which i must say is a very nice feeling for once. Of course i still over think some swings, just happens at the top of my back swing which is not a nice feeling!!

This all led to breaking the 110 barrier, with a 109 followed by a 110 and then a drop down to 106, firstly i’m over the moon as the goal is to break 100. But I’m consistently improving and my scores are not yo-yo-ing. I still have areas to improve, mostly off the tee which is where i loose the most amount of shots and balls!

My most comfortable club is my 20 degree Hybrid, i’m fairly consistent with it but what is happening is i’m getting off the tee great with it for a few holes then all of a sudden i have bad tee shot which ends up being a run of bad tee shots costing me a few lost balls and around 12 shots a round. I have attempted to over come this and will go through this in detail in another blog post series i am writing ‘A Rookie’s Mindset’.

One of the biggest challenges i have in golf is aligning myself to target, i always think i’m lined up dead at my selected target but told in most cases I’m no where near! To be fair my father tells me something similar when he has helped out with DIY projects around the house when i think i’m drilling into the wall straight and he tells me i’m off at a 20 degree angle but i am adamant i am dead straight. Yes this has led to a few heated words, of course i always win as i have a drill or hammer in my hand. (For the record this is a joke, just in case someone thinks i threaten my father with power tools).

To confuse matters even more when i’m around 150 yards and in, this is not a problem as generally i’m within tolerances i’m happy with!

This is something i am working on, hopefully i think i have found a way to help myself and will share this and hopefully will help any of you that have this problem.

So to summarize and have my take aways for the month:

  1. Achieved my best score – on track to achieve my golf goals this year
  2.  Better consistency of ball striking & final round scores
  3. Played more golf – the more you play/practice the better you get right?
  4. Need to work on tee shots during June.
  5. Need to work on alignment during June

Now on wards and upwards into June, if you have a spare 10 minutes why not review your golf month of May and post it as a comment?

Until next time, Happy Golfing

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