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Hi All,

Some of you may know that back in April i started the journey to only playing with one ball, instead of having old hand me downs from my Dad, using lake balls and balls found on my adventures in the rough and forests at various courses trying to find my own ball! The reason for this is to test the theory that playing with one make and type of ball will give consistency and feel of ball flight, reactions and putting and therefore help with my improvements as there is one less variable.

Still being a novice I regularly loose balls every round, albeit a lot less than when i 1st started. I remember my 1st round of 18 i was nervous and excited! Got off the 1st tee fine, from then on i was losing a ball a hole…..YES i said it a ball a hole! That however is a story for another time. I can gladly say on average i loose between  2 and 4 a round which is a bit more manageable.

So back to the 1st of many (hopefully) Rookie Reviews, the purpose is to:

  1. Select a ball that i want to play with and only use that ball for this season
  2. See if a ‘Rookie’ can feel the difference in performance of different manufacturers
  3. Test balls that are no more expensive than £20 per dozen – as its still costly buying balls regularly when you are losing a few every round.

Testing Parameters 

Testing took place over a 2 practice rounds of  9 holes and a practice session based on a 18 hole championship length course. Testing took the form of:

  • Full Shots
  • Chipping (70 yards and in)
  • Putting


The Suspects 



Titleist DT TruSoft (2017) – £19.99 per 12 balls

Full Shot 

I was looking forward to playing with this ball most, as a newcomer to golf it’s easy to have the perception that Titleist are the #1 ball manufacturer in the sport.

Overall the ball performed well. Distance was slightly better than the others throughout the test. This may be in part due to the height the Trusoft got to, it just seem to go up and up compared to the other two. To make sure this was not a one off I tested the ball flight on a 157 yard par three with the need to carry a water hazard. All 3 shots preformed the same, not directionally but each shot’s apex was higher than the Soft Feel and Supersoft.

It also did not feel too soft off the club face I say that as I have a preference for a firmer feeling ball on full shots.

My bad shot is a push to the right, of course this shot appeared a few times during testing, but on a positive note the ball did not seem to spin as much and meant my pushed shot was not over exaggerated.


Finally I did notice that this ball did mark and scuff after a round, not sure if this is a bad thing or how much it will affect the longevity of playing with the same ball for multiple rounds (This is not a problem as I am guaranteed to lose at least 2-4 a round!) but still raised a little concern for me.

I spoke to my local professional who i have lessons with, he told me that these marks are nothing to be too concerned with.



I really felt that the DT Trusoft started to come into its element here, hitting with ½ and ¾ swings to get up and down the ball would pitch and generally stop within a foot of its pitch mark. For me this is great to see.

Even when bumping and running onto the greens the Trusoft was great, at this point I prefer the ball to have that softer feel and not feel as if I’m hitting a rock as its very much touch and feel for me.


By far the DT TruSoft for me out performed all the others here. Speed control seemed easier, the slightest of taps with the putter and the ball shot off the club face which is something I really liked. Ultimately this gave me confidence on the greens.

Rookie Rating: 8/10

Callaway Super Soft – £19.99 per 12 balls

Full Shot 

Softest feeling ball off the club face by a mile out of the 3 balls tested. My first thought was ‘WOW,  i know understand why they call them SuperSoft’. However the novelty of this wore off quite quickly as over the course of a round i found it hard to feel where i was hitting the ball on the club face. Obviously i knew i was hitting in the heal as i lost one of them pretty quickly! The Super Soft for me did seem to exaggerate my bad shot, and seemed to have increased spin.

On the 2nd 9 hole test and round of 18 I did get a use to this feeling but still compared to the others it did not feel great for me off the tee or playing 2nd and 3rd shots, which are still very much full shots for me.

One of the biggest differences for me as well was the sound they made on impact a real loud ‘Click’. This was also noticed by my playing partner, this is neither a negative or a positive but more an observation than anything else.

callaway-marks.jpgThe amount that the Super Soft marked up as well was really noticeable, more so than the DT Trusoft which caught my attention after the 1st round. Again not sure why this is or it’s long term affects but for me went down as a drawback.

This ball was also shown to my local pro, who did think these marks were a little excessive after a single round. This may be in part due to my higher swing speed.



Very similar feeling to that of full shots, but a little easier to for me to feel comfortable with as I previously mentioned the softer feel for me is better at this stage. Performance difference for me was minimal vs Trusoft but a little better than the Srixon.

The lack of notable difference here maybe down to my lack of ability to manipulate spin as I feel this may not allow me to test the balls thoroughly at chipping.

Even so, for my game the Supersoft did not leave me lacking in any performance.


Half Breed between the Srixon and the Titlest the SuperSoft felt a harder ball than the Trusoft but managed to adapt to this easier than the Srixon. In the end i was beginning to be won over by the harder feeling, especially on the longer putts as it was giving me the confidence when striking the ball. On a small side not i managed to achieve more ‘Perfect Putts’ on the Putt Out training aid with the supersoft compared to the other two.

Rookie Rating: 6/10

Srixon Soft Feel –  £19.99 per 12 Balls

Full Shot

Personally the best on full shots, all balls were close on distance with the Srixon finishing in 2nd place. Not that I was measuring them with a lazer.

The Soft Feel, by far felt the firmest on full shots, which is something I preferred. I have racked my brain trying to think why I prefer this, and the only conclusion is by it feeling firmer I know when I connect with it well and I have the perception that the ball is going to travel the desired distance because of this. In reality distance as minimal between all balls, 5 yards between all 3 as a general guide.


This is where the firmer feel started to let the ball down for me. More as preference than anything else, the Soft Feel felt quite hard here which left me feeling as if I had miss hit on some of the shorter chips or when trying to chip over a green side bunker. Pleasantly surprised as this was not always the case.

Not that I am that skillful, but I did notice that the soft feel did not release or spin back from its pitch marks as much as the Titlest Trusoft, but was on par of the Supersoft.


 At the start of the test i found the Srixon Soft Feel to be the hardest feeling ball off the putter and did not like this comparing it to the TruSoft. It took me the longest to get use to the feel and distance control as i found i had to hit the ball a little harder to get it to roll at the same pace and achieve the same distance.

However on course tests  it did preform a little better, but still left me with this feeling.

Rookie Rating: 6.5/10


  1. Titelist Trusoft – Best ‘All Rounder’
  2. Srixon Soft Feel –  Due to the firmer feel on full shots this put the Srixon Soft Feel marginally ahead of the Callaway Super Soft.
  3. Callaway Super Soft – The truly ‘SuperSoft’ feeling on full and chip shots was the biggest drawback for me.

So there you have it! The Titelist DT Trusoft has come out as the ball I will be playing with this season. It’s all round versatility was the overriding factor for me.

Now I will get a chance to consistently play with one ball and hopefully I will be able to report back on the impact that this can have on my game.

I hope you have found this Rookie Review to be of some benefit, and maybe spark some interest for you to do some of your own testing to find a golf ball to play with that suits you. Of course you can get custom fitted for golf balls, but that is a little over kill for me and takes a little bit of the fun out of it.

Please feel free to get in touch for ways for me to improve my reviews, review topics or to get involved with my Journey.

Until next time, Happy Golfing!

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