Rookie’s Golf Goals 2018

Hi All! cropped-rglogo_bw4.png

How’s the start of the golf season going for you?!

I once read somewhere that if you share a goal, you are more likely to pursue and achieve it compared to keeping it to yourself. So here i am sharing my golf goals with you all!

However before i do, i’ll just let you know were i currently stand with round results:

2017 Results

18 hole course best score: 117

9 hole round best score (par 29 course): 43
Number of rounds: Around 10 
2018 Golf Goals
18 hole course: break 100
9 hole course: consistently break 40
Number of rounds: 2/3 per month
(this is highly dependent on work commitments, and how angry Victoria will be when i start loading the car with my golf clubs)

I’m currently trying some free apps to keep stats that should help identify areas of improvement and highlight where my strengths are. I’ll be sharing this info on future blogs.

What golf goals have you set for yourselves this year? Let me know what they are and do you have a plan?

Happy Golfing!!

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